Hi! We're The System, an endogenic plural system.

Most often it's Erin fronting, however some of the other members come out as well.

We're fluent in English, know a tiny bit of French, and used to know German, but forgot most of it by now. We're trying to re-learn it though.


  • Programming, computers, technology, etc. Mainly open-source, decentralized stuff
  • Gardening, hydroponics, biology, mycology, and everything related
  • Trans-humanism, bio-hacking, anything to gain more control & freedom over our body
  • Most types of music, but mainly Hyperpop & Metal
  • Anarchism & Communism
  • Being really fucking gay


We've been programming for probably like 7 years by now.

The languages we know are:

  • Rust (most comfortable in atm)
  • Python (the first we learnt)
  • Bash/ZSH (some experience w/ shell scripts & stuff)
  • C/C++ (haven't used them in a while, but have done some stuff for Arduino, etc.)
  • HTML/CSS (most of our sites we've programmed by hand)
  • Nim (recently we've started learning it)
  • Lua (some experience w/ Pico-8)



(it/its, she/her, fae/faer, they/them)

I'm the host & main fronter, and I was the first one here.

I'm queer, bisexual, lesbian, gay, transgender, non-binary, and polyamorous.



I'm the second member after Erin.

I'm pansexual, cis unfortunately, and probably polyamorous.



I'm the newest member.

I'm asexual & aromantic 😎.