The System

Hi! We're The System.

Note: Currently looking for a job, please contact us if you have anything!


Most of the projects here are unfinished or not very useful, sorry.


Currently a major work in progress.

A native Linux Scuttlebutt client writting in Rust with and GTK4.


This website!

Written using HTML, SCSS, and Markdown.

Uses the cobalt static site generator.

HRT Wiki

A work-in-progress community wiki for organizing HRT info and guides.

Made with the Mycorrhiza wiki engine.


A tiny bookmark manager. Supports most basic functionality.

Written in Rust

A simple cooking/recipe site. The backend generates & updates the static frontend code, and eventually will handle new recipe submissions, etc.

Backend code written in Rust using Rocket, sled, and build_html.


An attempt to make a custom UI library for the TI-84 calculator.

Very much a work in progress.

Written in C using the CE-Programming toolchain.